Getting Back to my Personal Projects

in Goals December 10, 2014

I like to think that writing about my goals will, in some form, make me more determined to complete them. Posting my goals to various social media sites in the past never achieved much. That failure is obviously on me and not the media format, but at the same this blog is something I can call my own. What's more, it's a completed goal.

In the long term, I'd really like to re-establish That's what all of this leads up to. I need a solid foundation to support everything I'd like to achieve with this site, and if I can't build that... well then.

Closer to the present, I'm thinking about relaunching the URL shortening site I made back in 2010. I purchased a new five-character domain since I let go of the previous domain,  I still have the codebase for that site sitting around, but I'm thinking about rebuilding the site on Laravel. The original site, as incomplete as it was, had several hundred URLs on it and was gaining a small bit of traffic. I'm hoping I can do better tis many years later.

I own another seven or eight domains on top of two mentioned above, each with what I think have a unique purpose (such as While I'm certain I'll never get around to bringing all those ideas to fruition, I'm going to make the honest attempt. With that, I'm going to document the experiences here! Maybe I'll even drag a friend or two in to these projects.

And take note that I attempted to refrain from using the word "try". I'll jump on the positivity bandwagon for a little bit and see where it takes me.