Video Hosting

Sean Potter in Video, Work December 15, 2014

We recently launched a company blog at my job. This was done mostly for our sales guy, but a few of us figured we'll have things to contribute. My first article went up yesterday, Five Reasons Why You Should Not Host Your Own Video. There are a billion of these articles out there reiterating the same facts over and over again, but none of these meant anything to our clients since they didn't see any of these sites as an authority on the topic.

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Getting Back to my Personal Projects

Sean Potter in Goals December 10, 2014

I like to think that writing about my goals will, in some form, make me more determined to complete them. Posting my goals to various social media sites in the past never achieved much. That failure is obviously on me and not the media format, but at the same this blog is something I can call my own. What's more, it's a completed goal.

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Just Some Randomness

Sean Potter in General December 6, 2014

Just testing a few random things...

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First Post

Sean Potter in General December 4, 2014

Well here this goes...

This is my first personal blog post in more years than I care to count, but it feels relieving to have put the time in putting this site together.

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