Video Hosting

in Video, Work December 15, 2014

We recently launched a company blog at my job. This was done mostly for our sales guy, but a few of us figured we'll have things to contribute. My first article went up yesterday, Five Reasons Why You Should Not Host Your Own Video. There are a billion of these articles out there reiterating the same facts over and over again, but none of these meant anything to our clients since they didn't see any of these sites as an authority on the topic.

Well, now we have our version to show clients.

That being said, I'm not against hosting videos for clients. It's just a bit of sore spot, as I'm 99% sure hosting videos in the past is what fried our firewall at an old co-location facility. This resulted in several days of no sleep and dealing with angry clients.

We still have clients who don't want to use Youtube or Vimeo, but also don't want to pay for hosting at Amazon. I may write a follow-up to that article for the company blog to educate them on using Youtube and Vimeo's privacy controls, since many clients don't want their videos publically searchable and don't understand the capabilities of the various free hosting services. I've yet to hear a valid reason for not wanting the videos publically available, as they're accessible from public portions of their site. Why not bask in the additional traffic?

While I'm on the topic of videos, enjoy a commercial I made with friends back in high school.